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I’m a product designer with a focus on complex problems — particularly with exploration through prototyping, user testing, and design systems. I find my ideal work at the intersection of business, technology, and design, creating lasting solutions. I believe readdressing a problem wastes time, and the right systems design leaves solved problems in the past.

About Me

I was raised by two architects in Central Texas where I spent summers in their firm’s office, surrounded by creatives coming from both artistic and engineering backgrounds. I learned to use then-new Photoshop 6 with help from a former intern, drawing pixel sprites for desktop games, and later theming my OS X install. At the same time, I began learning basic HTML, CSS, and JS as a way to share my work. In 2008, I transitioned from theming to working with indie Mac developers on desktop and toolbar icon design, and later larger UI work. A year later, Preston Mueller published Mathtasks on the year-old App Store, featuring my app icon and a couple other graphics. Throughout the rest of high school, I worked on other apps while not studying, culminating with an internship in Cupertino on Apple’s Productivity Apps team in the Summer 2013.

With the skills I picked up at Apple, I was significantly better positioned to continue freelancing in a combined design-production role while studying French at the University of Texas at Austin. Without my experience at Apple, I would have severely lacked production experience, and I could now work as a freelancing one-stop-shop. I maintained smaller contracts while spending time in the Longhorn Startup Lab and later Capital Factory with TasteBud, three months at Dell consulting on an icon system for a suite of enterprise products, and then the final two years of my degree with Zello, where in May 2015 I started as a their first in-house designer. I was able to simultaneously, if not evenly, entertain academic and professional interests — I had the opportunity to take a semester in Lyon nine months after starting with Zello, where I first started honing my photography.

I graduated with a BA in French, and have since continued with Zello in a Product Design role, recently focusing on design systems and internal education. Zello kindly encouraged me to spend two years in Belgium with my partner for the duration of her Master’s degree, and we moved back to Austin in August 2019, where we now live with our two cats, Richard and Sprinkles.

Today, my history in design helps me to understand the importance of affordances and semantics in digital products. A calendar doesn't need corinthian leather, but our old ethos of real-world affordances continues to more subtly influence design today.

In addition to a designer and web developer, I consider myself a photographer, and enjoy spending my time cooking and baking for friends, visiting new restaurants, and of course, traveling.


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    Zello, Inc.

    Digital Product Designer

    I initially worked with Zello to create a marketing website for Zello Work, and then to redesign the Zello Work Web Console. While continuing working on the Console, I have since worked in research, design, front-end development, and prototyping for the Zello for iOS and Zello for Android mobile apps, as well as the next-generation desktop app.

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    The Minte

    UX Designer

    When Jonathan Ogolo first came on as VP of Technology, he was met with a user experience and visual design that did not retain users, as well as considerate tech debt. I was brought on at the same time as a number of engineers, and set out to fully readdress their web and mobile products’ experience and design.

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    Digital Product & Web Designer

    First known as Azul Mobile, I helped the team soft-launch from an incomplete design, and within the year helped the company rebrand to TasteBud. I continued to collaborate with their team on feature explorations — specifically, the transition from QR-code purchases to debit-reimbursement.

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    Visual Designer

    I worked with the design team at Dell to explore iconography and branding opportunities for a suite of enterprise products.

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    Digital Product Designer & Web Developer

    With Appuous’ founder, we worked together to ship numerous apps, notably Attune, Shuzzle, Analog for MacOS and iOS, KeyCard, and Invite. Between these projects, I was responsible for visual, UI, and UX design, as well as design and development or marketing pages.

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    Visual Design Intern, Productivity Apps

    I interned as a visual designer on Apple’s Productivity Apps team in the summer of 2013, when we prepared to ship iWork for iCloud, redesigned the iOS iWork suite for iOS 7’s new aesthetic, and prepared a major update of iWork for OS X.

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    I started freelancing with indie Mac developers in 2008, creating app icons and UI designs, and then quickly moved to iOS icon design once the App Store was first announced. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous clients including Appsumo and Faria Education Group.