Four Days in Praha

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Prague Castle
Spoiler alert: this is in Prague. The castle, from Karlův most.

Back in September, I opened my birthday present from Austen. Out of the bag, I took a set of imperial measuring cups, and a set of teaspoon measures. Very convenient—I’m still unaccustomed to baking by mass, rather than volumetric measures. Underneath were two thick, folded papers, which were illegible until unfolded. The first was an Airbnb confirmation, and the second was a receipt for two Brussels Airlines tickets to Prague.

A month and one day later on October 20th, we caught the train to Brussels Zaventem, and—my fault—narrowly made our flight. The flight itself was uneventful; we watched the finale of Mad Men’s Season 6, In Care of, and we arrived at a reasonable 11:10 am. We’d continue our Mad Men watch-through at a later time.

Summer Preview

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Download the wallpapers.

I’ve finally finished processing all of my photos from May through August, and these three are particularly well-suited for mobile wallpapers. I don’t want to post too much before I publish a full retrospective on this summer’s travel, but this should at least be an appropriate sample.


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In thinking about the passing of time, I return to the idea that time-based change isn’t an active process. Aging isn’t something you do; it’s something that happens to you. You are the receptacle, target, wand object, of aging.

I turn 24 today. For the first time in the last eight years, I find myself somewhere very different from where I expected. I’ve lived in France and Belgium since February, even though a year ago, while planning and expecting to move here, I lacked clarity in believing that I would move from Texas. Maybe this literal change in place and setting contributes to the unease in which I find myself. Alternatively, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to slow and think, before chugging into the following year’s cycle.